Nude female stone carving seats in kneeling position spark controversy in Jilin

Nude female stone carving seats
These eleven naked and shapely feminine seats found in Jilin city have caused much debate recently, as many find such designs to be disrespectful to women, while others find them to be another form of artistic creation.

The naked stone carvings are of the same body size as a real person, lacking only in forehead and arms. A young man explains that people nowadays are more open-minded, and such designs are works of art that beautifully demonstrates a woman's feminine curves.

An old man passing by is however, unimpressed. "This is too immoral. What's most annoying was that fact that they're all kneeling down! Are they imitating Japanese women? Furthermore, these carvings may affect young kids."

Many females argue that while people may accept such designs of an artistic nature, having nude female stone carvings in a kneeling position is clearly a form of discrimination against woman.

Link & Images: Zjol
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