Overgenerous ATM gives extra cash

ATMAn ATM at a northwest Louisiana truck stop gave out $20 bills instead of $5 bills, but authorities say they know who used it and plan to pursue the extra $7,000 the machine spit out.

DeSoto Parish sheriff's Lt. Toni Morris said the automated teller machine has records identifying the 26 people who received the extra cash during five days in late June and early July.

Annette Parker, a supervisor at Eagle's Truck Stop, said she unplugged the machine after overhearing conversations about the excess payments.

"The next morning when we had come back in, someone had plugged it back up," she said.

Morris said someone who did not work at the truck stop may have rigged the machine, which keeps records of when money is received and whose card is used.

Morris said charges could be brought against the people who got more money than was debited to their bank accounts.

Source: CNN
Image: Flickr/cackhanded
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