Panda Poop Souvenirs!

Panda Poop
Southwestern China's Sichuan province is home to giant pandas, and one research centre has found a way to generate revenue – by selling objects made from panda poop.

The new product uses panda manure as its main ingredient and requires recycling treatment of cleansing, baking to make it dry and hard to, ensuring that it can be kept for some time.

Panda poop has no bad odor, as the pandas do not eat meat. They are herbivores that feed mainly on bamboo.

An adult panda produces about 20kg of dung each day, hence dozens of bamboo-fed pandas in the Chengdu reserve produce up to 200 tons of excrement each year. With the introduction of the new souvenir, the excrement is no longer an expense but instead becomes a source of income.

Panda poop is also a big hit at Chiang Mai Zoo, as over the past three years, the zoo has made more than 50 million baht a year.

Source: i918
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