People with moles on their skin live longer

MolePeople with a lot of moles on their skin are used to be told that they are at greater risk of cancer - but, for once, they have to reason to celebrate - it may be a sign of youthfulness.

"Moley" people can look forward to a longer life than their less pigmented peers, research suggests, despite the fact that they have a marginally higher risk of developing melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer.

A study comparing more than 1,800 twins has found that those with more moles on their skin have longer telomeres - a marker of biological ageing found in all cells.

The findings suggest that the risk of cancer is counteracted by the effects of the telomeres, which protect the chromosomes.

Scientists from the Twin Research Unit at Kings College, London, say that people with a lot of moles (more than 100) have a biological age that is six to seven years younger than those with very few (less than 25), because of the difference in the length of their telomeres.

Link & Image: The New Zealand Herald
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