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Police: Suspects drive to station lot by mistake

PoliceTwo suspects accused of stealing cash and a laptop computer at gunpoint during a hotel robbery Friday apparently found themselves without something important: a road map.

Cheshire police say the men, trying to evade officers, drove into what they believed was a detour off the main road. Instead of a shortcut, however, they found themselves in the Cheshire Police Department's dead-end parking lot.

The passenger was taken into custody at the scene and the driver, who tried to run away, was found hiding in a nearby wooded area, police said.

George Davis, 47, of Hartford and Guy Anthony Williams, 50, of East Hartford were both charged with robbery, larceny, conspiracy, larceny by possession and criminal possession of a pistol, police said. Davis also was charged with driving on a suspended license, police said.

The pistol turned out to be a toy gun, police said. Both men are due to appear Monday in Meriden Superior Court.

Link: USA Today
Image: Flickr/YnR
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