Poor kitten being ruthlessly attacked for 3 nights ... by a rat!

This 3 month-old kitten has suffered multiple injuries on his head, neck and legs, and its front left leg has been crippled due to ferocious attacks by a rat!

At 2am, its owner heard some noises in the middle of the night. Thinking that it was just some cat fight going on, she didn't pay any attention to the incident. Waking up in the morning, Miss Zhou was shocked when she discovered that the kitten's face was covered with blood and had multiple injuries on its body.

On the next day at the same time, she heard the same noises again. She got out of her bed and saw a rat on top of the kitten, biting its head and neck. The kitten was trying hard to use its paws to retaliate, but the rat was reluctant to stop its attacks. Miss Zhou had no choice but to grab a stick to chase the rat away.

On the third consecutive day, Miss Zhou heard a painful cry from the kitten. This time, she saw the rat biting hard on the poor animal's front leg, and the kitten's neck wound was open. The floor was stained with blood and Miss Zhou quickly chased the dreadful rat away, only to find the kitten moving for a few meters before collapsing.

Presuming that the kitten would not survive, Miss Zhou covered it with a cage to prevent it from further attacks before burying it later in the morning. Fortunately, the kitten mysteriously survived the ordeal despite its serious injuries.

Miss Zhou tried nursing it back to health with some soup and it managed to move its limbs slightly. She was also pleasantly surprised that her cat - one which had given birth recently and was previously hostile towards this kitten - came over and started licking the kitten's wounds, and even started breast-feeding it.

Miss Zhou believes that the rat was seeking revenge as Miss Zhou managed to catch a few rats with mouse traps. She also commented that the kitten was separated from its mother, and hence was weak and lacked the crucial hunting skills.

Link & Image: Sina
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Anonymous said…
You've got to be incredibly stupid to leave kitten out for another two nights... as you have already seen that somebody has injured him :( poor kitty.
Anonymous said…
that woman should be investigated for animal abuse...sheer retardation and lack of empathy. Truly shocking to see such stupidity in a pet owner.
Anonymous said…
that "woman" was a freaking idiot and doesnt deserve to have pets. i wish the rat had attacked her instead.
Anonymous said…
that woman? did she really care bout the poor kitten?
right, she should be investigated and not allowed to have any pets again.