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Pupil, 15, joins Nasa for work experience

Ethen CarlinWhile his friends choose to do their work experience in the local supermarket or an office, Ethen Carlin set his sights a little higher by helping to construct satellites at United States space agency Nasa.

Ethen, 15, flew to Washington DC with his family to spend a week with scientists at the Goddard Space Flight Centre.

During his time at the Nasa base in Maryland this month, he helped to solder wires and attach labels to a satellite which is due to be sent into space in August.

He also assisted in monitoring hurricane patterns, programming data from Nasa's Mars probe.

Ethen, of Newton Regis, Warwicks, said: "It was a dream come true. It certainly beat working in a stuffy office or on a crowded shop floor."

Source: Telegraph
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