Quick-Thinking Girls, 9 And 6, Rescue Drowning Father

Miya Peyregne and her sister TiffanyAs soon as her father slipped beneath the water of his backyard pool, Miya Peyregne knew something was wrong.

She and her sister, Tiffany, were swimming with their father, David Peyregne, at his home Monday afternoon when he began to complain that his legs were numb. Shortly afterward, Peyregne, 43, began to sink in the pool's deep end.

Miya, 9, and Tiffany, 6, waited to see if he would resurface, but after 15 seconds passed and he still was underwater, the girls couldn't wait any longer.

"As soon as I saw bubbles coming out of his mouth, I knew I had to go get him," Miya said." I grabbed a floatie and my goggles. I went down and got him."

Peyregne had not reached the bottom of the pool, she said, which made it easier for her to grab him. When Miya pulled her father above water, he was unconscious.

Instructing her sister to get a cell phone, Miya said she clung to her father with one hand, trying to keep his head above water, and inched her way along the ledge of the pool to the shallow end.

At the hospital, the girls said, Peyregne didn't remember what happened, but he told them they saved his life.

"She's so small, and to be in that end of the pool and to pull him out, it's amazing,'' neighbour Pete Mumbower said of Miya, who will be in fifth grade this fall.

Last year, Miya took a drown-proof course with her fourth-grade class, where she learned what to do in certain rescue situations.

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