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Record breaking horses meet

Giant Radar meets up with tiny ThumbelinaThe little and large of the horse world are introduced to each other by a pint-sized boy handler.

Radar, a Belgian draft horse, stands 6ft 7½in high and weighs 2,700lbs.

He towered over tiny Thumbelina, a miniature sorrel brown mare, who is 17½ inches small and weighs 57lbs.

The amazing pair were brought together in America with the unnamed handler for the 2008 edition of the Guinness Book Of Records, which is out next month.

An onlooker said: “Radar looked a bit confused when he first met Thumbelina.”

Radar, nine, is based in Mount Pleasant, Texas, while six-year-old Thumbelina — the same size as a cocker spaniel — comes from St Louis.

Source: The Sun
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