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Recycled Juice Bags

Recycled juice bag
All this ethical shopping/eco-friendly malarkey is great news for workers, communities and, ultimately, the planet. But when it comes to fashion and accessories you don't want to look like some yoghurt-weaving hippie; you want to look like a conscientious shopper with a sense of individuality and style. And that's where Recycled Juice Bags come in.

These incredibly funky bags are made from recycled juice cartons - you know, the squishy foil and plastic ones you bung a straw in.

As well as their impressive eco-friendly credentials, Recycled Juice Bags are helping impoverished communities, as they are made by a women's cooperative in the Philippines. Working for this award-winning organisation makes a genuine difference because almost all of the women are their family's main breadwinner. So as well as getting a highly original, head-turning bag, you'll be improving lives and helping to elevate people out of poverty.

Thanks, Jennifer !

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