Shifter replaced with a wooden stick

Shifter replaced by a wooden stickI can’t believe someone actually “repaired” the shifter by replacing it with a wooden stick. Perhaps it is just a temporary fix.

Link & Image: TechEBlog
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JWhitten said…
I can believe it-- true story: years ago when I lived in Dallas TX, I had a Chevy "Shovette" (Chevette) which was a very cheap (and cheaply made) car. I was toodling home from work one day when the gear shift lever came off in my hand! Not just the top or the shaft, but the whole darned thing from the mount on up! The welds had come loose around the mounting plate. Obviously that left me in somewhat of a predicament-- fortunately however I still had some momentum and was able to drift off the highway ramp and ended-up near a hardware store. After scratching my head for a bit I walked over to the hardware store and bought the biggest (cheapest) screwdriver they had and then came back to the car, wedged the screwdriver into the shift socket (where the lever had been) and was able to get the car shifted into second gear and was then able to limp home. (My dad helped me repair the shifter by redoing the welds)