Smoke ban causes collie wobbles

cigaretteI didn't know that dogs can get addicted to cigarettes!
A dog with a cigarette habit is suffering withdrawal following the smoking ban.

Sarah and John Taylor, both smokers, have taken pet collie Archie to their local since he was a pup, reports the Daily Mirror.

Sarah said: "He couldn't get enough of looking at people smoking and if one stubbed out, he switched his attention to another.

"He loved to sniff it and just watch it drift through the air. It's a bit bizarre I know but he seems to be well and truly hooked."

Now two-year-old Archie has gone into withdrawal without his nicotine fix and gets fidgety and snappy at the pub in Shaldon, Devon.

Sarah, 33, added: "A smoke-free pub is going to make him very unhappy.

"The locals have been joking that we'll have to get him a nicotine patch to wear - but I think a type of nicotine dog biscuit would be better."

Source: Ananova
Image: Flickr/Thomas Hawk
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