Town with a population of 4 for sale at a price tag of $2.5 million

Albert Ice HouseThis town, which claims a population of four, is for sale.

It comes with a modern icehouse stocked with beer, a rickety dance hall, ancient live oaks and a hefty price tag of $2.5 million.

"It is for a guy who has it all, but can't brag to his friends that he owns a town, so he needs to own a town," said the owner, Bobby Cave.

"My ideal buyer would be someone who falls in love with it and not just wants to make money out of it."

Cave's love affair with Albert began three years ago, when he sold his share in an Austin insurance firm to help pay more than $200,000 for the historic Gillespie County town 16 miles southeast of Fredericksburg.

Founded in 1877, Albert had about 50 residents during the town's heyday of the 1920s, with a post office, general store and a school that, legend has it, Lyndon B. Johnson attended briefly.

Today, only bartender and property caretaker Jody Ewen, who crashes at a three-bedroom house, actually lives in Albert.

Link & Image: MySA
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