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The TV bike: A cure for child obesity or excuse for lazy parents?

Smart CycleThese days, many mothers and fathers are too busy to tear their children away from the television and leave the house.

Now toy-makers have responded to this trend - by bringing out an exercise bike for youngsters.

Instead of venturing outside, children can simply pedal away on the stationary bike while staring at a computer-generated image of a moving road on the TV screen.

And while manufacturer Fisher-Price claims the Smart Cycle is the ideal solution to concern about ever-growing child obesity, critics say it could be used as an excuse for parents who can't be bothered to take them out.

It also does nothing to combat worries that youngsters are spending too much time watching screens instead of looking at books or playing in the real world.

The Smart Cycle, which is aimed at children aged three to six, goes on sale at the end of the month priced at £99.99 ($201).

Link & Image: This Is London
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