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Vintage Plane Lands On Highway

A police dashboard camera captured the dramatic landing on tape. The World War II-era AT-6 training plane, built in 1943, landed on Highway 41 near Fond Du Lac, Wis.

Two people were on board the aircraft. They were heading to an air show in Oshkosh when they had to make the emergency landing. No one was injured.

The plane's wing was damaged when it struck several highway signs while touching down. The pilot said that he experienced engine trouble. However, the exact cause of the crash landing is still being investigated, authorities said.

Video: Liveleak
Source: Nbc10
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That's about a mile from where I live. I watched the recovery operation where the fences were cut away and the plane towed to Fond du Lac's airport about two hundred yards away.

Yep, he landed on the highway four hundred yards East of the airport runway.

Given his choices were to land straight ahead on the highway or crash trying to turn toward the airport, I won't second guess his choice; We have the FAA for that.


HOLY Crap, I was there! I was in one of the cars like 50 feet in front of the landing plane. We weren't paying any attention, then my dad was like "what the...there's a plane behind us." We all turned around, and were all like , wtf.

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