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'Water on Pluto moon'

CharonAs a planet, Pluto was a real dog. Now scientists say there may be something truly fishy about one the little world's three known moons.

Astronomers have announced they have evidence that, despite the bitterly cold conditions on the edge of the solar system, Pluto's moon Charon may have an underground ocean of liquid water, triggering speculation it could harbour marine life.

The water appears to be spewing up through cracks in the surface, producing spectacular geysers that instantly freeze, creating showers of ice.

Radioactive materials could be melting Charon's interior ice, producing the water.

University of NSW astronomer Michael Ashley, who has led Australian hunts for new worlds in the outer solar system, described the findings as "very interesting".

"One might speculate that some sort of life could exist in an underground ocean, surviving on energy from natural radioactivity.

Link & Image: Sydney Morning Herald
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