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What women talk about

Researchers in the US have laid waste to the long-held belief that women talk more than men.
But the survey did find that female subjects get through an average of 16,215 words a day, compared with their male counterparts' 15,669, a difference of 546.

So what might those words be? The Magazine has consulted a handful of females, and come up with a few suggestions of words - 46 to be precise:

  • Book club: A female dominated affair, perhaps because women read more fiction, or perhaps because men aren't very good at talking about it

  • Accessorise: If men were ever to use this word it would only be in the context of cars

  • Empowering: Men never use this word, perhaps because for the 200,000 years humans have been on the planet, men have had all the power

  • Pilates: Men in the UK, particularly, seem to have no interest in building up their core strength

  • Absolutely beautiful: The words women often use to describe friends who are not

  • Emotional intelligence: Something that men usually do not possess, instead preferring the kind of intelligence that involves dates of battles

Source: BBC
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