Wheelchair-bound dog came in last in race

AsherDozens of dachshunds were on hand, or paw, to vie for glory at the annual Wiener 100 on Tuesday.

The annual wiener dog races draw huge crowds, and even a little controversy.

Last year a complaint was lodged alleging that the winner wasn't a purebred, and had longer legs than other competitors.

Some dachshund organizations also look down on the races, saying they fear wiener dog racing could one day become as popular as greyhound racing and expose the pint-sized hounds to abuse and injury.

Defending champ Coco won the eleven pound and over crown, while Sadie Lady took home first place in the miniature category.

The wheelchair-bound crowd favourite Asher came in last, but was still rewarded with a hearty round of applause.

Link & Image: Wlbz via Arbroath
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