Wine buff makes bottle art

Richard PimWine buff Richard Pim proves he's got a lot of bottle - by building a grotto in his garden using thousands of empties.

Richard, 66, has spent the last three years creating the amazing dome-shaped building. So far he has used 3,000 bottles and needs another 2,000 to finish the job.

The retired geologist said: "I had a space in my garden that I needed to fill and I started thinking about building a dome-shaped folly.

"One day I was sat in the garden drinking a glass of wine and as I held the bottle up to the sun it made an amazing sparkly effect. I thought 'that's it, I will make it out of wine bottles'."

The 11ft high dome has four concrete arches. Richard cements each bottle in place with bottom facing outwards at his home in Pembridge, near Leominster, Herefordshire.

Richard, who already opens his two-acre garden to the public, intends to plant ferns inside beside a pool to reflect the sparkling light.

Source: Mirror
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Anonymous said…
Any more pictures of Pim's dome??? We built a bottle window in our winery.