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Woman recycled herself

ClothesA woman had to be rescued by firefighters after she fell headfirst into a recycling bin.

The woman had apparently dropped off some clothes and then changed her mind and tried to get them back.

But the slightly built woman got trapped in the slot and fire crews needed hydraulic cutting equipment to get her out., reports the Daily Record.

The alarm was raised by another recycler who spotted a pair of feet sticking out of the bin of unwanted clothes.

The 35-year-old was going in and out of consciousness during her ordeal in the car park of an Asda store in Sittingbourne, Kent.

Fireman Mark Innes said: "We were originally told it was a child stuck in the bin but when we got there, we discovered it was a fully grown woman.

"Apparently she had put something in the bin that she hadn't meant to and when she went to retrieve it, she fell in.

Source: Ananova
Image: Flickr/SwanDiamondRose
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