Woman to row solo from SF across pacific ocean

Roz SavageA woman who rowed alone across the Atlantic Ocean last year is planning to take off this week on her next big voyage: a solo row across the Pacific that will take her well into 2009 to complete.

Roz Savage, 39, a former management consultant, plans to take off from San Francisco on the first leg of her endurance journey— a 2,300-mile (3,701 km) trip to Hawaii.

The first stretch should take Savage two to three months, and after taking a month to rest, she will depart for the final stages -- a 2,600-mile (4184 km) trip to the island nation of Tuvalu, then 2,300 miles to Australia.

Her vessel is a souped-up 24-foot long rowboat named the Brocade after her corporate sponsor, San Jose-based Brocade Communications Systems Inc., which makes computer networking gear.

Savage said the goal of her journey is to raise awareness about marine conservation efforts.

Video & Source: Cbs5
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