World's tallest horse?

Tallest HorseAt only 3 years old, an English shire horse named Tina still has some room to grow. But the draft horse is already so big, her Tennessee owners are hoping she can break records. Officially named Jenson Diplomat Tina, she is still a teenager in horse years, said owner Jim Williams.

Tina now measures 81 inches at the withers, the equestrian term for the top of the shoulder. She weighs 1,600 pounds.

''But she is beginning to put on muscle and weight on her back as she grows,'' Williams said. ''She still has at least two years of growth and could reach 21 hands.'' That's 7 feet, or 84 inches, measured at the withers, he said.

Tina will be measured later this month at her owner's bed and breakfast in Niota, about 65 miles northeast of Chattanooga. The documentation will then be sent to Guinness, based in London.

Video: LiveLeak
Link & Image: Happynews
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