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The $99,000 bedrooms designed for footballers' babies

Cinderella-themed BedroomPremiership footballers are forking out thousands of pounds on an altogether more formidable financial opponent - their daughters.

The young offspring are demanding gaudy Goldilocks or Cinderella-themed bedrooms, complete with handcrafted carriage-shaped beds and hand-painted murals.

And it appears price is no object where their little ones are concerned, with the soccer stars, often derided for their lack of taste, splashing out as much as £50,000 ($99,000) a time for a complete bedroom.

The carriage bed for the Cinderella-themed room costs a staggering £24,000 ($47,600) alone and the room also comes complete with a walk-in wardrobe.

Other designs include a £6,000 ($11,900) medieval Sir Galahad-themed room, which comes with wooden swords carved into the bed, and a Tom Thumb-themed room, with oversized furniture, including a £1,255 ($2,500) bed and £840 ($1,666) oak pirate's chest for boys.

Link & Image: DailyMail
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