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Airline introduces triple bunk beds in economy

All-sleeper configuration for new aircraftGerman flag-carrier Lufthansa is examining the development of a specialised all-sleeper configuration for the economy-class cabin on long-haul flights, and has been canvassing passenger opinion on the concept.

The airline has generated an conceptual image of the proposed ‘Sleepers Class’ cabin, showing a possible arrangement featuring fully lie-flat bunks stacked three-high in a herringbone layout on either side of the cabin, with additional berths in a wide central aisle.

Lufthansa is considering the sleeper-cabin for specific intercontinental services – possibly overnight flights, such as those to Johannesburg, Sao Paulo and Shanghai.

Under the scheme a passenger would opt to book a bed for the flight rather than a regular economy-class seat. Lufthansa says that its studies are only preliminary and there are few further details available.

Source: FlightGlobal
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This is great! I love Lufthansa! They do so much to make sure their customers are happy and comfortable. I think this will be great for far overnight flights because I am always complaining about how tired I am and wish I could lay down! I also really like the fare sales the airline offers. There is one right now and I really want to go to London! I wish the bed were in the plane for my flight!!

Yap! This will be the most comfortable arrangement for economy class. I hope all airlines would follow Lufthansa's excellent example.

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