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Play the game and get discounts on Logitech products

The JellyBattle (an online flash game designed by Logitech) allows you to control your own ‘jelly man’ and battle it out with other ‘jelly man’. I think I am addicted to this cool game already! Apparently, Logitech is also offering a 20 % discount on their products if you do well in the game.

The idea behind this online game is simpl -- destroy everyone else. By collecting icons that move down one square per jump (your mode of movement in the game) on your playing grid, you can collect weapons ranging from lasers to nukes that will help you to eliminate your other Jell-O foes. If you survive the three training rounds—which is fairly simple to do—you then create a user-name and begin battling other online gamers. The game seems easy in the beginning, but once you start using multiplayer the number of weapons increases exponentially, giving you more artillery at your disposal, but also making you that much more vulnerable to the other jellymen.

Hit the jump to start having fun!

Link & Image: Jelly Battle via Inventor Spot
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