Boy, 9, takes wheel of big rig to save dad

Matthew Lovo Jr in a semitrailerA 9-year-old boy took the wheel of a semitrailer after his father lost consciousness while driving in St. Helens on Tuesday.

Matthew Lovo Jr., 9, was riding as a passenger in the truck when his father began to suffer a medical condition and became unconscious.

As the truck drifted into oncoming lanes and struck a power pole, the boy climbed into the driver's seat.

Matthew steered the truck back into the correct lane and used its C.B. radio to call for help. Police said someone responded to the boy's call and told him to turn off the truck's ignition key, which he did.

Meanwhile, Christopher Howard, of St. Helens, spotted the boy in the slowly-moving truck as he drove by him.

Howard stopped his car, ran after the truck and jumped aboard the moving truck. He opened the driver's side door and applied the brakes, bringing the truck to a stop on U.S. Highway 30 just south of Pittsburg Road.

Matthew's father was taken to a hospital for treatment.

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Video: Cbs2
Source: Fox12
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