The car that stops you drink-driving

Smart car that stops a driver from driving while drunkA car that can tell when a drink-driver gets behind the wheel - and stop him or her moving off - has been developed by Nissan.

The system can even differentiate between the driver's breath and that of passengers who may have had a drink.

Motorists are monitored from the moment they get behind the wheel. An alcohol odor sensor checks the breath while another tests for alcohol in the sweat of a palm touching the gear stick.

A tiny dashboard-mounted camera monitors the driver's face and eye movements and detects whether they are fit to drive.

It measures the rate of blinking - an indicator of drowsiness - and examines features such as the droopiness of the mouth to check for yawning.

When the detected alcohol level is above a preset threshold - which can be at or below the legal limit - the system locks the transmission, immobilizing the car.

A "drink-driving" voice alert is sounded via the car's satellite navigation system.

Nissan says the technology could be introduced into new cars within five years and become as common as airbags or satnav systems.

Link & Image: This Is London
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