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Christ-like smudge on garage floor fetches $1,525 online

Face of Jesus Christ on the concrete floorA smudge of driveway sealant resembling the face of Jesus Christ has fetched more than $1,500 in an online auction.

The family that found the image on its garage floor sold it for $1,525.69 on eBay Wednesday, more than a week after the slab of concrete was put on sale.

"I really never thought I'd get any, to be honest," said Deb Serio, a high school teacher.

The family has hired a contractor to remove the section of concrete. The chunk will be turned over to the winner, identified only as "islandoffthecoast."

An active Lutheran, Serio considers the smudge just an odd occurrence - not a sign or miracle.

Link & Image: Azcentral
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I think I have to create a lot of 'accidental' Jesus likenesses to sell.

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