Concert held at the peak of a volcano

Concert at the peak of the Acotango volcanoGerman musicians Clemens Knill, Friedrich Hutter, Gerhard Wieser, Gisela Woelk, Birgit Knill, Tobias Rief, Bruno Deschler, Philipp Knill and Juergen Tschoege Magino, all members of the Musikkapelle Roggenzell band from southern Germany, and Bolivian musician Daniel Libovicky, hold a concert of Waltz, Tango, Landler and Dixie music played on trumpets, clarinets, horns, percussion, tuba and flute at the peak of the Acotango volcano that straddles the border between Bolivian and Chile August 6, 2007. The group and its audience of 14 people played for 30 minutes at an altitude that according to their GPS was 6,068 meters (19,908 feet) above sea level, and plan to present this to the Guinness Book of World Records as the highest concert ever played.

Source: Yahoo News
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