Cows get mattresses to help them sleep

Cow mattressThe United Kingdom's hard-working cows are being encouraged to take the weight off their cloven feet. Exploiting the principle that happy heifers produce more milk, a Northern Ireland company is expanding its range of night-time bovine pamper products.

Enthusiasm for cow mattresses began in Canada, because cattle in northern latitudes spend so much time in barns and byres, according to Evelyn Wilson, a director of the Coleraine company. "If you lie in a comfortable bed all night you'll be in good form all day," explained Mrs Wilson. "It's the same for cows."

Her firm, Wilson Agriculture, had been importing mattresses from Canada for 12 years but this year started making its own. "They are like beanbags covered with closely knitted army blankets," she said. "The insides are made of rubber crumbs from old car tyres."

Each mattress costs £45 ($90). "Cows spend more time inside than they used to. These mattresses stop cows injuring themselves when they go down on their knees. Animals are not stupid. They love them."

Source: Guardian via Arbroath
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