Denise Tassin's candy art

Denise Tassin's Unique Necco Wafers ArtDenise Tassin, a Baltimore-based artist creates scientific art by drawing on Necco wafers (a type of candy) in lieu of paper.

In a new solo show at San Francisco's Zinc Details gallery, Tassin utilizes an assortment of pens — including fine-tipped Sharpies — to create miniature drawings on Necco wafers. Her drawings have currently taken a scientific route and include carefully detailed inkings similar to those found in biology books… she also has a series of Christmas related items featuring dolls and Santas, as well as a series of individually re-sealed wafers featuring random sketches.

Her artwork will be featured at Zinc Details from September 9 to October 31. So, if you live in the San Francisco area, it is well worth a visit. More examples of her work can be found after the jump.

Thanks, Sabrina!

Link & Image: Yum Sugar
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