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Did Jesus walk on water - or ice?

WaterJesus may not have walked on water as the Bible claims but rather skated on ice formed through a freak cold spell, a scientific study has suggested.

Rare atmospheric and water conditions could have caused ice to form on the freshwater Sea of Galilee. The research shows a period of cooler weather swept what is now northern Israel from 1,500 to 2,600 years ago. Sub-zero temperatures could have caused the formation of ice thick enough to support the weight of a man.

Partially submerged in water, the ice patches, known as "springs ice", may not have been noticed by observers standing at a distance. "Because the size of the springs ice, a person standing or walking on it would appear to a distant observer to be 'walking on water'," Prof Nof wrote in the report's conclusion.

Source: BBC
Image: Pandiyan / Flickr
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Ah, but Who created the rare atmospheric and water conditions?

Gee... I'd try it but I'd probably get cold feet.

Well, if you are a religious person, than the answer is god but for scientists, there's no answer... all this article says is that there is a chance that Jesus is walking on ice rather than water. But then again, scientists are unable to prove that unless they can travel back in time...

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