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Edith died 11 times and lives to tell the tale

Edith Manning: the woman who died 11 times and livesA great-grandmother from Weston, UK, has defied fate by dying 11 times in 18 months.

Edith Manning, who lives in the Earlfield Lodge nursing home in Trewartha Park, has been resuscitated in hospital and even on the floor of a community centre.

The 87-year-old, who has 5 children, 11 grandchildren and 17 great grandchildren, was so critically ill in January after she stopped breathing for the 11th time, doctors told her daughter Sue Hill to phone the rest of the family and ask them if they wanted to say their goodbyes.

Sue, aged 58, of Gannet Road, Mead Vale, said: "They thought she wouldn't survive and that they said they were sorry but they thought that was it.‚ÄĚThen 24 hours later we were all asked to keep the noise down in intensive care because mum was laughing so much.

Edith said "I have pulled through everything because I am determined. It was not time as I want to live until I am 100. "I look on the bright side and I was determined to stay with my family. You can't keep an old dog down."

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