Egg Within Egg a Freak Of Nature

An egg inside an eggMaria La Frenais got more than she bargained for when she broke an egg for breakfast. The Glendene resident was about to start a morning fry-up when she made the unusual discovery - an egg inside an egg.

"I cracked it into the pan and out came a small yolk," she says. "But to my amazement there was another fully formed egg in the shell. "I then cracked open the inner egg which had a yolk the same size as the first," she says.

Ms La Frenais says the egg - described by experts as a freak of nature - was in a tray of supersized free range eggs. "I am keeping the shells as mementoes," she says.

Auckland Zoo vet Berend Westera says the case is rare and defies logic.

Link & Image: Stuff
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