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Gateway driver jams laser cop

Gateway driver jams laser copCrafty motorist John Eady dodged speed traps by using an electronic gate-controller which jams police laser guns.

Eady, 61, had the £290 gadget fitted behind the number plate of his £23,000 Range Rover after being caught speeding three times.

Suspicious cops traced the company boss through his registration after getting error messages on their computers as he tore past.

A court heard that, in tests, the gadget made the car invisible to speed guns.

Eady claimed it was installed by mistake when he had a sat-nav system put in — but a jury heard he learned of the con via the motor trade.

He denied perverting justice but was found guilty at Sheffield Crown Court. He faces a hefty fine and possible ban when he is sentenced next month.

Link & Image: The Sun
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