Great-great-granny Earns Masters Degree At 94

Phyllis Turner, oldest person to earn a masters degreeA 94-year-old great-great-grandmother with an "amazing" brain who left school at 12 has become the oldest person in the world to earn a masters degree.

Adelaide University graduate Phyllis Turner achieved her masters in medical science. She left primary school in Sydney aged 12 to help her mother look after her siblings because her father had left the family.

"She is a strong old matriarch," said granddaughter Sue Rudall.

After almost 60 years Mrs Turner returned to study, enrolling at Adelaide University at age 70. After achieving honours in anthropology in 2002, at age 90 she moved to the university's medical school to do her masters.

"I feel very very happy after five years of study, but sorry that I am just a little bit immobilised," said Mrs Turner, who uses a walking stick.

Mrs Turner's daughter, Anne O'Herran, said she would enter Guinness World Records as the oldest higher degree research graduate.

Link & Image: Herald Sun
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