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Iran Unveils World's Largest Carpet

Large carpetIran has unveiled what it says is the world's largest handmade carpet, a vast green and red floor covering that is larger than a football pitch.

The carpet, which took 1,200 weavers some 18 months to make, is destined for a mosque in the United Arab Emirates. Measuring 5,625 sq m (60,546 sq ft), the carpet was made in nine separate segments with 2.2 billion knots. It was woven in Iran's north-eastern province of Khorasan and is worth an estimated $5.8m (£2.8m).

More pictures after the jump.

Large carpet
Large carpet
Large carpet
Large carpet
Large carpet
Large carpet
Video after the jump.

Video: Cbs2
Source: BBC

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Interesting. I think the length and labour justifies the price.

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