Jellyfish clouds stun weather-watchers

Unusual clouds known as Altocumulus CastellanusRare clouds in the shape of jellyfish have caused a sensation after being spotted in British skies for the first time in a decade. Click on image for a larger view.

The unusual clouds known as Altocumulus Castellanus have a unique shape complete with tentacles and have not been seen in Britain for 10 years.

So weather-watchers were stunned when they developed in skies above Lutterworth, Leicestershire, and bobbed along the horizon at around 17,000 ft above ground.

Glinting in the evening sun, they certainly prove a stunning sight but like their namesakes, they signify danger up ahead.

The rare clouds' unique "jellyfish" shape forms when a rush of moist air comes from the Gulf Stream and gets trapped between layers of dry air.

It is thought these probably developed as a result of recent tropical storms in the Atlantic.

The top of the cloud rises into a jellyfish shape and long tentacles known as "trailing virga" form from rain drops that have evaporated.

Link & Image: The Mail
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