Jet-powered skateboarder sets new world record

Joel King on his jet-powered skateboardA man from West Sussex has claimed to have set a new world land-speed record for a jet-powered street luge.

Joel King, 27, an IT worker from Bognor Regis, clocked an average speed of 112.7mph (181.4km/h) on a disused runway in Woodbridge, near Ipswich.

He described the luge as like a modified skateboard, on which he lies face up just 2in (5cm) off the ground.

Mr King said: "It was just hold on and keep going as I accelerated down the runway.

"The sensation of the speed was second to none, you're so exposed with the tarmac whizzing past, and you're always just on the edge of control.

"Then when you've finished you turn the engine off and use your feet to brake, which at over 100mph is quite interesting."

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Video: BBC
Source: BBC
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