Kids riding a zip line to school

I have posted some pictures of kids using a zip line to get to school in China previously. Here is a video of another group of kids zipping to school in a tiny village located in the dense Colombian jungle. And this looks even more fun as the zip line is much higher at 1,200 feet (365 meters). The most amazing aspect is a girl called Daisy who carries her 7-year-old sister in a bag to cross the zip line daily. Sixty people use the cable daily and although it looks dangerous, no one was ever seriously injured. Hit play to watch.

Video: NOOB
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Anonymous said…
Why wouldn't you just move closer to school and then just do this on weekends for fun??

Leonard Low said…
OMG - just amazing... :) Enough to make a grown man wet himself I reckon, and there's bunch of kids all over it. :o
Spluch said…
To Anonymous:

Most poor villagers especially don’t really have a choice to choose where they get to live…

To Leonard:

Frankly, I haven’t tried zipping down a zip line before especially one that is this high but I bet it feels fantastic. Would love to try one out someday! :)
Anonymous said…
Have you seen the school zip line in Newfoundland? Check out the Marble Zip over a 350 foot gorge at
aisen said…
I'm sure it is safer that driving miles a day. They have it down, using gravity as a propelling force to get to work or school is the smartest way I've seen anyone else use. It is also clean, doesn't harm the environmet and only one person at a time may be harmed.
It's beautiful!!
aisen chacin