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Les' bizarre record

Les StewartLes Stewart spent 15 years, from 1983 to 1998, typing out all of the numbers from one to one million (in letters not numerals), simply because he “wanted something to do.”

But why on earth would anyone want to do what he’s done? “It just came naturally to me,” he said.

“I got the record in 1983 for typing one to one million in numerals, but I kept on typing for 15 years after that.”

He typed for 20 minutes, “every waking hour”, on the hour until the mammoth task he had set himself was done.

But perhaps more bizarre than his world record achievement, is the fact that Les threw out all but two of the 19,890 pages he typed over those fifteen years.

“I just put them in the recycling bin, we’ve got too many things in the house,” he said. “But I kept the first and the last page.”

A website which tracks odd happenings around the world, Oddee, has listed Les’ entry in the Guinness Book of World Records, as the third most bizarre world record of all time.

Link & Image: TheDaily
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