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The little mermaid, 5, who's already swum a mile

Ella StuttardThese days, most youngsters would think it was an achievement to walk a mile. But at the ripe old age of five, Ella Stuttard has swum one.

Using a mixture of backstroke and breaststroke, she completed 64 lengths of her school pool in 67 minutes under the watchful eye of her swimming teacher.

Her parents Rachel and Garry are now awaiting confirmation from Guinness World Records that she is the youngest child in the world to swim a mile.

Mrs Stuttard, 37, an interior designer from Bingley, West Yorkshire, said: "I can't believe she has done it at five years old - it is unbelievable.

"I was a swimmer as a child but nowhere near as good as Ella. She has been able to swim under water since she was a baby!"

Mrs Stuttard enrolled Ella for swimming lessons with the Water Babies Company at just 16 weeks. A natural from the start, she soon developed confidence in the water.

Three more pictures after the jump.

Ella Stuttard
Ella Stuttard
Ella Stuttard
Link & Image: DailyMail
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