More links for 15 Aug 2007

Here are some additional links which I do not have time to post.

There is more than a 20% chance that we are actually living in a virtual world created by advanced humans similar to the one in “The Matrix”. [New York Times]

Robbers snatch dog poo. [Ananova]

Jesus image appears on Manchester kitchen cabinets. [Nbc30]

A 71-year-old woman found a cure for her ailments: carrying 40 kilograms of stones during her daily walk. [China Daily]

Women who use pregnancy as an excuse to indulge in fatty foods when "eating for two" may be inadvertently putting their children at risk of obesity in later life. [Daily Mail]

Tax protester pays $12,000 tax bill in change, $1 bills. With Video. [Yahoo News]

YouTube's tackiest wedding proposals. [Radar Online via Miss Cellania]

Drinking straw that filters bacterial present in drinking waters. [iStraw via Gizmodo]

5 duct tape methods to save the Earth. [Popular Science]


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Spluch said…
Many thanks for your support, Speed! :)