More links for 20 Aug 2007

School uniforms made slash-proof. With video. [Espvisuals]
A bulletproof backpack for school children. With video. [Inventor Spot, Thanks Steve Levenstein!]
How to make fire using a potato. [5min Life Videopedia]
Demon Dwarf 'glued privates to vacuum cleaner'. [24dash]
World Record holder in classic video games, Tetris and Super Mario Bros. With video. [Boston Globe]
Plastic car will be world’s cheapest. [Sunday Herald]
82-year-old woman vs robber, woman wins. [St Petersburg Times]
Nearly one in five British schoolchildren admits to drinking the equivalent of a bottle and a half of wine each week. [Telegraph]
Man's heart stops after Red Bull overdose. [Smh]
Hitler's champagne fetches £1,400. ($2,771) [BBC]