More links for 21 Aug 2007

Mutant frogs with gold skin and red eyes. [Pink Tentacle via Boing Boing]
A team of experts looks at the human body's design flaws and suggests how they could be put right. [DailyMail]
Two Swiss students on holiday played frisbee with an object they found on a beach unaware it was a live land mine. [Ananova]
Cardboard cops slow speedsters. [Tennessean]
How to detect lies? [Metacafe]
Crows are the Einsteins of the avian world. [Telegraph]
WWII airman found frozen on Sierra Nevada Glacier. With Video. [Cbs2]
Women really do prefer pink, researchers say. [Yahoo News]
A thrifty Serbian couple took advantage of a funeral parlour's closing down sale - by having tombstones engraved with the dates they think they are going to die. [Metro]
Meet the man who can communicate with geese. [Msnbc]

Dog lived in car engine for weeks. [Metro]