More links for 25 Aug 2007

Guys with bulldog-like faces have been chick magnets throughout human evolutionary history. [Yahoo News]
Mother Teresa had doubts about God. [Sunday Telegraph]
A new diet weapon is launched, the Diet Fork. [The Diet Fork]
1TB CD disks are coming. [The Inquirer]
Prison wardens have been urged to show respect to inmates by knocking on cell doors before going in. [Telegraph]
The Pear Light is a hand forged steel tree upon which grow three pears. [OhGizmo!]
Mounties in eastern Canada were called in to help round up rogue honeybees after a palace coup this week caused a split in the hive. [Mail & Guardian]
Amazing story of survival. [News10]
A nine-year-old maths prodigy has won a place at Hong Kong's Baptist University after gaining two grade As and a B in his A-levels. [BBC]