More links for 29 Aug 2007

Swimming classes for pampered pooches. [Reuters]
Spectacular shot of a Nippon jet being struck by lightning. [Coast to Coast]
Bible in U.S. soldier's pocket stops sniper bullet. With video. [Local6]
Lodi woman sees face of Jesus on fence. [News10]
A woman being sued by the city of San Mateo for painting what she called messages from God on her house spent Friday painting new messages on a second home. [Nbc11]
Beijing police launch Web patrols. [Yahoo News]
The most successful pirate of all time is a female who controlled a fleet of more than 1,500 ships and upwards of 80,000 sailors -- and she did it all without the help of facial hair. [CNN]
Bizarre beetle battles. [Inventor Spot, Thanks Steve!]
Size of English Wikipedia. [Wikipedia]
Self-shifting digital paintings. [CNet]
Diaper-free potty plan starts at birth. [News & Observer]