More links for 30 Aug 2007

Two high-rise Chinese window cleaners got married dangling in the air on their work platforms. [Ananova]
Orchid fossil reveals flowers' domination of Earth. [New Scientist]
Water spiders survive below the surface thanks to a rudimentary "scuba tank" they spin from their own silk, a new study says. [National Geographic]
Can WD-40 oil cure arthritis? [The Sun]
A 65-year-old woman set a world record in the bench press for her age and weight class by lifting 115.5 pounds (52 kg). [Indystar]
A mathematical analysis has confirmed that H5N1 avian influenza spread from person to person in Indonesia in April. [The Australian]
The world's most bizarre birth defects. [Body-Philosophy]
Historian says gay marriage goes way back as early as 600 years ago in medieval Europe. [Msnbc]
5 pen tricks from Japan. [Tim Ferriss]