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Pair climbs mountain in panto horse

Pantomime horseTwo friends have dressed as a pantomime horse to climb the tallest mountain in Wales and England.

Wind howled and the rain poured down as Peter Phennah and Rob Snellgrove gamely trotted up Snowdon's 1,085m (3,560ft). But the 18-year-olds, from the Wrexham area, made it and raised money for a trip to help rebuild an area of northern Morocco hit by an earthquake.

"We met lots of walkers who were very surprised to encounter a mountaineering pantomime horse," said Rob. The journey took several gruelling hours in the outfit hired from a local pub, with the two friends taking it in turns to be the back and front of the horse.

They were fed and watered by friends who accompanied them carrying their provisions.

Link & Image: BBC
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