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Pet bear just like dog, family says

A Pet BearA Pennsylvania family turns heads driving down local roads with their pet bear sticking her gigantic head out the window. Abby is much like a dog to the Friday family -- just a little bigger and with wild animal instincts.

"I just remember, there's always the wild animal in them," said Abby's owner, Sam Friday. "Treat an animal like you want to be treated. Give the love and caring and they'll give you loving and caring back."

Sam Friday said the big pet loves to go for rides. "Take her down to the gas station for M&Ms," he said. "People watch her with her head out the window like a dog panting."

It's not always easy raising a bear, but it's worth it, said Sam Friday. "In the middle of the night, you hear crash, boom, and the refrigerator is totally empty, or you don't feel good and she starts licking your ear," he said. "We ride around and she's just like a person and holds on to you. She's awesome."

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Video: Knbc
Source: Knbc
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